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Episode 16 – Vendors VARs Manufacturers

We returned to record our sixteenth episode on Sunday January 29, 2017.

Interesting News and Events

Roundtable Discussion – Vendors / Value Added Resellers / Manufacturers

  • How should you prepare yourself for a vendor meeting ?
  • What is the interest of the manufacturer ?
  • What is the interest of the value added reseller?
  • How to pick the right solution for your environment ?
  • Long Term relationship and support models
  • Why are Vendors trying to push you into a product or technology ?
  • Pursue a VAR that is interested in a long term relationship

What tools are you using?

Perl – I‘ve used Perl for the past 20+ years to help automate various small tasks and to help gather data for reporting purposes across a large number of devices (switches, routers, access points, etc)

You’ll find a few very detailed examples on the Perl Scripting section of my blog.


Episode 15 – Thoughts on 2017

We returned to record our fifteenth episode on Sunday January 8, 2017.

Interesting News and Events

Roundtable Discussion – 2017 Thoughts?

Looking back at all the episodes we recorded in 2016:

01 >> How to Improve Yourself
02 >> Fast Deployment vs Planing
03 >> New Location Rollout
04 >> Evolution of Broadband Internet
05 >> Network Monitoring
06 >> Discussion with Avaya’s Roger Lapuh
07 >> Next-Gen Firewalls
08 >> Network Troubleshooting
09 >> LAB Environment
10 >> IPv6 Internet Addressing
11 >> Infrastructure Lifecycle
12 >> Fiber and Twisted Pair Cabling Plant
13 >> Campus Network Design
14 >> Building Temporary Interim Networks

  • SDN disruption continues – SDN-WAN has convincing arguments
  • Public Cloud / Private Cloud
  • Automation / DevOps
  • Small Scale IT vs. Large Scale IT vs. Humongous Scale IT (differing challenges to each)
  • Security Challenges / IoT
  • IT Generalist – Knowledge of Application Layer, Network Layer, Storage Layer, Computer Layer – extremely valuable going forward


  • Consumer – cutting the cord – Video over Internet, Video on Demand, Streaming TV, AT&T DirectTV Now, Smart TVs, Hulu, Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV
  • What HD Channels get I get over the air? – USA

What tools are you using?

syslog-ng – I’ve running syslog-ng for the past 15+ years as my centralized syslog server with great success. Here’s a blog post from Balabit outlining how to deploy syslog-ng with Elasticsearch and leveraging Kibana to visualize the data on CentOS/RHEL.