The Network Broadcast Storm podcast was the original idea of Dominik, Glen, Kristian, Mike and Paul back in 2012. Fast forward to 2016 and Dominik and Mike have decided to try and re jump start this adventure.

The group originally came together on the Network Infrastructure Forums where they all traded stories and solutions around networking.

It’s our intention to try our hand at podcasting with the goal of helping the everyday network administrator or engineer. While there are already a number of great resources on the Internet, some of which we are very fond of ourselves, we believe there is room for yet another podcast around networking. We won’t pretend to be any better but we will strive to be a little different.


Dominik has nearly worked for 15+ years in the networking industry. He has done everything from duct taping patch cables to data center core configurations and migrations.

You can find him on the Internet at networkautobahn.com and on Twitter @networkautobahn


Mike is a jack of all trades but this week he’s playing the role of network architect. He has almost 20+ years of experience in Information Technology and has held roles such as system administrator, network engineer, network manager, and technical consultant, technical architect and technical manager.

You can find him on the Internet at blog.michaelfmcnamara.com and on Twitter @mfMcNamara.