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Episode 16 – Vendors VARs Manufacturers

We returned to record our sixteenth episode on Sunday January 29, 2017.

Interesting News and Events

Roundtable Discussion – Vendors / Value Added Resellers / Manufacturers

  • How should you prepare yourself for a vendor meeting ?
  • What is the interest of the manufacturer ?
  • What is the interest of the value added reseller?
  • How to pick the right solution for your environment ?
  • Long Term relationship and support models
  • Why are Vendors trying to push you into a product or technology ?
  • Pursue a VAR that is interested in a long term relationship

What tools are you using?

Perl – I‘ve used Perl for the past 20+ years to help automate various small tasks and to help gather data for reporting purposes across a large number of devices (switches, routers, access points, etc)

You’ll find a few very detailed examples on the Perl Scripting section of my blog.