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Episode 14 – Building Interim Temporary Networks

We returned to record our fourteenth episode on Sunday October 30, 2016.

 Interesting News and Events

Roundtable Discussion – Building Interim Networks Small & Large

The use cases include conventions, events , temporary sites, construction, and disaster recovery.

Dom’s biggest temporary event – G8 Summit Germany Heiligendamm 2007
The Scout Router

  • The first device that is onsite for remote management
  • Connect all new devices and ISP Connections
  • Build up the rest of the network
  • Reverse with decommissioning the temp site you also can use a “scout router”

The preconfigured temp rack includes a half sized rack in a flight case on wheels.

All needed components for an instant network:

  • Switches, Routers
  • Firewall / Proxy Servers
  • Voice Call server / Voice Mail
  • Wireless Controller / Access Points
  • UPS / Power


  • ISP connection
  • WLAN >> empty space vs. crowded space
  • Power
  • Passive Infrastructure

What tools are you using?

I’ve been working a lot recently with Aruba Instant APs, troubleshooting issues and tuning the configuration of over 600+ virtual controllers. I recently stumbled over AirRecorder from Aruba Networks as a very handy troubleshooting tool and flight recorded to capture data for later analysis.

What tools are you using?