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Episode 18 – Real World Performance Issues

We returned to record our seventeenth episode on Sunday April 23, 2017.

Interesting News and Events

Vendor Specifications vs Real World Performance

Did you ever purchased a HW and find out the Hard way that the box is not performing in your environment who it was described in the datasheets

Routers and Switches

  • can be measured and tested in the Lab
  • Packet sizes
  • L2 vs L3 traffic
  • watch out for all the features that will degrade the performance

ARP packets can consume a lot of CPU utilization? Miimon – NIC teaming in Linux


  • Real world traffic is different
  • single flow can effect the complete system
  • NGFW features

Virtual vs Physical Hardware

  • Limitations of the physical HW
  • Performance penalties and with virtualization

What tools are you using?


Google is perhaps one of the biggest tools in a network engineer’s toolset. Google is invaluable in searching for solutions to a problem or issue or simply searching for the documentation or an example configuration.